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Genie in a Bottle

October 14, 2012

I was pleasantly impressed by my olive oil the other day. More than being great for things other than cooking, like moisturizing my dish pan hands, the new bottle I purchased boasted another feature. I peeled back the protective plastic, unscrewed the cap, and up popped one of those easy pour spouts.

This is an addition to the function, but not the cost of an oh so essential cooking element. The easy pour spout was not advertised on the outside label. I’d compare this surprise to the advertising of something like….think, diamond shreddies. Think, have a happy period.

All I’m saying is, I like surprises. There exists in my being a preference for pleasant surprises rather than being bashed over the brain with redundant information. A turn on, versus a turn off.

PC Splendido, Cold Pressed, Extra…Virgin. Sometimes, the power of words lies in what’s left out.

Wake us from the sleepwalk of our lives……

October 9, 2012

This article by Zadie Smith, which I will be discussing with my writing group, says so much about… Well, my fellow writers, you’ll have to read it to find out. Enjoy.


October 7, 2012

I discovered the basement of the MUN library the other day and sat amongst stacks of literary magazines. Felt overwhelmed by the volume of words out there. Wondered how I will ever add to them. Should I keep writing, or just set down my pen and read what’s already out there? Then I read this quote in The New Quarterly, in an intro to an excerpt from Jeffery Donaldson’s ten year labour of love called Missing Link: The Evolution of Metaphor and the Metaphor of Evolution…. Only if poets and writers set themselves tasks that no one else dares imagine will literature continue to have a function. Since science has begun to distrust general explanations and solutions that are not sectorial and specialized, the grand challenge for literature is to be capable of weaving together the various branches of knowledge, the various “codes,” into a manifold and multifaceted vision of the world.

So what does anything have to do with anything?

A lot. A whole lot.


Carried Away…

October 2, 2012


Does great writing carry us along, leading us into unknown spaces and universes, or does it open a door and allow us to lead, take our own plunge into new territory?